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Customized Solutions

Uniquette R&D Team cares about the organoleptic properties of the ingredients and their safety and potency. With different methods of ingredient technology, we focus on delivering products with palatable tastes and are easy to formulate.

Powder Innovation

Particle Size/Bulk
Density Customization


Instantization and
Enhanced Dispersibility

Water/Oil Retention Capacity Improvement

and Spray Drying

Taste Masking

Uniquette R&D Team has a deep understanding of the extensive demand of the rapidly-growing beverage industry. Our expertise in ingredient, formulation, and flavoring make Uniquette one of a kind in supplying nutrient premixes and market-ready blends.

Formulation Development



Energy and Endurance

Weight Management

Blood Sugar Control

Heart Health

Gut and Digestive Health

Cognitive Support

Immune Support


Beauty and Healthy Aging

Sleep and Mood

Expert Guidance

No matter your budget, application, or label claim, we will guide
you to the ingredients and formulations that perfectly work for you.