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Branded Ingredients

Who We Are

Uniquette is a leading supplier of science-based, safety-assured, and innovative nutraceutical ingredients of the highest quality serving global customers in the dietary supplements, sports nutrition, functional food, and beverage industries.

Branded Ingredients

What We Do

The efforts of Uniquette are grounded in clinically-supported claims, sustainability, supply chain transparency, and fair-trade partnerships. We deeply value the trust our customers place in us.

Product Innovation

From concepts and health claims to commercially available ingredients

Efficacy & Safety Study

Potency and safety are top matters for
dietary supplements

Pilot & Industrial Trial

Experts in fermentation, enzymatic chemistry,
and plant extraction to validate the mfg process

Ingredient Modification

Powder modification (particle size, bulk
density, water-solubility & taste)

Market Analysis

Industry veterans to provide first-hand
and accurate report & forecast

Supply Chain

Highly experienced in ingredient sourcing
and procurement, tracing the ingredients back to the origin

Quality Assurance

Strict supplier approval procedure and in-house
testing of shelf-life stability, pH, water-solubility,
microbial, and ingredient identification

Technical Support

Effective quality and technical document management system that is able to soonest
respond to customer requests

Thinking Ahead

Keeping track of the advancement of science and innovation of the food and nutritional industry, Uniquette is dedicated to supplying ingredients that shattering performance barriers.

With scientists of food processing, enzymatic and fermentation technology, customized synthesis, and plant active ingredients extraction, Uniquette turns the concepts into commercially available ingredients.

Uniquette’s global presence ensures our R&D team works closely with top-tier universities and research institutes around the world for product development, efficacy and safety study.

Collaborate with Us

Choose an experienced partner with extensive product and market knowledge to help you source your ingredients and develop custom-made formulations. Contact us today to gain a competitive advantage.

Branded & Novel Ingredients

What makes your products stand out and your brand succeeds

Unique Solutions For Your Innovation

Tell us your ideas and formulation needs, let’s create a productive synergy

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